Welcome to Donna Doherty Photography!  

I am a true New Englander and just love the beauty to be found here from the beaches to the mountains to old covered bridges and small New England towns. My goal is to capture some of this beauty and share it with you. If you have a special area that you would like me to shoot, just let me know.

I also enjoy taking pet portraits and shooting sports.  I'm a huge pet lover and love capturing dogs and cats.  And I love watching sports, mostly rugby these days, and love capturing the action!


I'm no longer selling any landscape shots from this site (just pets and sports).  All of my new landscape and digital art photography can be seen at http://www.donnadohertyphotography.com If you are looking for some beautiful art work to hang on your home or office walls please check it out!  I also have some wildlife shots and there are cards, tote bags, shower curtains, throw pillows along with prints and gorgeous canvas wraps!


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